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Join us for Season 2, Episode 19, as we speak with Chris H Hong about his journey being a full-time entrepreneur and owner of 4 businesses. Tune in to hear our host, Emily Rafael, speak with Chris about his thoughts on entrepreneurship, time management, and helping others through his businesses. Quang “CHRIS” Hong is a native of Sai Gon. At an early age while growing up in Vietnam, he worked hard to help support his family business. There he learned the value of providing great customer service, helping those in need, time management and how to deal with employees. He discovered the fun and excitement of helping people get what they need, his first business venture was a mini-arcade at the age of 14. He would have kids come over to his house to play games for 50 cents, since some families could not afford their own video game consoles at that time. When he became a teenager, he attended a foreign language night school where he learned how to speak Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. His dedication and ambition to learning something new caught the eye of the instructor, who later hired him to teach a few courses. In 2009, he immigrated to the United States with his family for better opportunities and growth for the future. While working as a busboy at Bellagio, he took the opportunity to learn about the food service industry, talking with cooks, wait staff and hosts. After he wanted to test his entrepreneurial skills by opening his own establishments in 2011; Da Lat Vietnamese Cuisine and shortly after Jasmines restaurant. He shares his experiences and lessons learned with other entrepreneurs in Nevada Grow Non-Profit, which is an organization who assists small business ventures to start and grow, providing assistance to new business owners. He is actively involved in the Asian American community, as a board member of the Vietnamese Nevada Cultural committee, he volunteers at events helping to raise awareness and promote businesses within the community to the public. During the 2022 Vietnamese Tet Lunar New Year festival, he was a guest speaker. Being a part of the Premier Financial Alliance (PFA), he is an active Living Benefits Crusader. Helping to educate the importance of having adequate life insurance, and using it as a vehicle to protect assets for business owners and protecting love ones in case of an unforeseen event.

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